Hosted VoIP is the Future.

Did you know that 86% of small businesses are considering replacing traditional phone systems with cloud-based solutions? Cloud-based solutions are the future of our telecommunications and it’s available today! At least 79% of office employees work remotely at least one day each week. Having a Hosted VoIP solution will allow remote workers to easily continue their daily workload without interruption. Along with their uninterrupted workload, 67% of user organizations reported increased mobile worker productivity and faster problem resolution. Having a Hosted VoIP Solution accommodate remote employees will not only increase overall productivity but can save you money. Business class phone services can drastically reduce costs-by up to 40% over traditional phone services.

See How White-Harris' Hosted VoIP Solution Differs From On-Premise Systems

This is how most on-premise physical phone systems are setup along with your local network.

Premise Based PBX Topology Concept

By switching to White-Harris’ Hosted Platform you no longer have to deal with 2 separate systems. White-Harris will also handle getting the telephones numbers so you won’t have to deal with those phone companies anymore.

Hosted VoIP Topology Concept

White-Harris also provides SIP Trunking with our Hosted VoIP Solution.

Hosted VoIP SIP Trunking Topology Concept

See all the reasons why to switch to White-Harris’ Host VoIP Solution!

White-Harris Hosted VoIP Reasons
White-Harris Carrier Redundancy Topology Concept

Data Center Access SBCs (by Oracle) Diagram.

Hosted VoIP Data Center Access Topology Concept

Check out the features of our mobile app.

Hosted VoIP Mobile App Features

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