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Hosted VoIP

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The simple fact of the matter is Hosted VoIP is the future and Premise Based  phone systems are outdated. Trouble shooting has become extremely labor intensive and maintenance agreements for PBX just isn’t a smart investment anymore. Adapt and overcome needs to be a part of your business motto as technology is only going to continue to grow. 

The average person isn’t going to notice much of a difference between any phone system in general. What every business owner needs to understand is that almost all phone systems work almost the exact same way! What you’re really paying for is the service after the sale. Let me say that again- what you’re really paying for is the service after the sale. You don’t want to be left in the queue when a problem takes place. 

What you want is a certified, experienced professional taking a personal interest into the problem at hand and that’s what you will always get partnering with White Harris. White Harris has built its reputation on customer service as we have been in business since 1994. Switching to White Harris Hosted VoIP will ensure a reliable, consistent and stress free telecom solution as we have over 100 years of combined experience in this industry.  


  • Mobile App

This powerful mobile application transforms your phone into
an essential collaboration tool, making teamwork on-the-go
easier than ever. See who is available, send and receive chats and
texts, place calls, view voicemails and more–anytime, anywhere.

  • After-Hours And Holiday Call Flows

Almost every business has times when they want incoming calls to be handled differently. The After-Hours and Holiday Call Flow features allow you to have calls handled differently based on the day of the week, time of day or holiday.

  • Find Me – Follow me

This is customer favorite, especially for those users who are outside their office on a regular basis. This feature allows your office phone to ring on your cell phone or laptop either simultaneously or in sequence (office phone first, then cell, the laptop) so you never miss a phone call again!

Why Choose Hosted VoIP?

The international pandemic of 2020 has been crazy for a lot of businesses across the world. Its left many companies with their hands tied with no solution on how to keep their work place functioning with a decent business rhythm. The most common, and quite honestly the only solution other than shutting the lights off and closing the doors for businesses has been to have employees work from home.

 Now studies have shown this has proven to be equally productive, if not more productive for many – however this is only applicable to the establishments that were properly equipped. With Intermedia’s Video Conferencing and the simple versatility of White-Harris Hosted VoIP solution, your company can also maintain a potent and congruent approach to the next conflict that takes this world by storm. In many cases, communication was the number one problem for corporations abroad as they tried to figure out how they are going to maintain the structural integrity of their team. 

Hosted VoIP Features

Between Team Chat/SMS and Intermedia’s mobile app, bridging the communication gap for many has been essentially seamless. White Harris Hosted VOIP provides voicemail to email via WAV file for any colleagues that miss a call to what would normally be their desk phone. Conference Bridging that’s able to gather up to 200 attendees has made work place meetings amongst each other a very simple task. Not to mention screen sharing and the ability to add video as one of the various capabilities included in this feature. So now that poses the question, does your business have an action plan to maintain your mission statement that you would not otherwise have without White Harris VOIP solution?