Having Constant VoIP Phone Issues?

Tired Of Your VoIP Phone Company?

Don't Let Your Phone Provider PUSH YOU AROUND!

Are you Constantly having VoIP Phone Issues? Curious if you could save money on your phone and Internet bills? Do you HATE your current VoIP system and want to find a replacement – but are stuck in a contract you don’t know how to get out of without paying huge fines and early cancellation fees?

Then we’d like to offer you a free phone and communication Assessment to answer these questions:

  • Is your current network environment (bandwidth, firewall, router, etc.) able to handle a VoIP system? We have a diagnostic tool we can run on your computer network to ensure a VoIP phone would work. We’ll reveal any additional costs you might have to incur in advance so you’re not unpleasantly surprised AFTER you buy.
  • Is it possible for you to get out of a long-term contract with a phone system that you HATE? We’ll review your contract and tell you if and what can be done. Sometimes there are loopholes that give you an out. In some cases, we can negotiate on your behalf to get you out or significantly reduce the fees. In some cases, the NEW system will save you enough money to more than cover the initial payment of early cancellation. We’ll go over all of this for you when we meet.
  • Can you save money on your phone and Internet bill? It’s very common for us to save our clients between 10% and 25% without sacrificing quality. As we said earlier, this is a highly competitive industry and vendors DO have unadvertised discounts and incentives you can take advantage of if you know where to look (and we do!).
  • Are you losing sales and opportunities because clients and prospects can’t get to someone when they call your office? Are prospects hanging up because they aren’t getting to anyone live? How exactly ARE calls being handled in your office? Are clients calling your sales rep’s personal cell phone, and is that acceptable to you? With your permission, we can conduct a “secret shop” exercise and report back details on how your customers and prospects are being handled when they call your office (you may be shocked).

At the end of this assessment, you’ll have all the answers you want as to whether or not it makes good business sense to upgrade your phone.

We hope you become a client, but if not, that’s okay too! You have my personal guarantee that absolutely NO high-pressure sales tactics will not be used at any point during our engagement. We simply want this to be a delightful, informative and positive experience for you.

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Our VoIP Network Assessment Includes:

  • Network Infrastructure Integrity
  • Network Security 
  • Quality of Internet Service